$$$: How much is a degree worth?

Answer: About a million bucks.


Here’s the data …

According to a JP Morgan analysis, an average bachelor degree holder makes $26,000 per year more than somebody with a high school degree.

Over a 40-year work span, that’s a nominal  (i.e. not time-valued) difference of about $1 million.

Similarly, an advanced degree adds another $1 million to nominal lifetime earnings … $31,000 times 40 years.

That’s a pretty impressive return on, say, an MBA.


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P.S. Yes, I know that this data is a bit contradictory to our prior post “Smaller Paycheck Awaits M.B.A.s” .

Draw your own conclusion.

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One Response to “$$$: How much is a degree worth?”

  1. Alexander S Says:

    Looking forward to seeing the next step in your analysis – the NPV of the costs and revenue streams from a Bachelors or MBA degree!

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