Gridlock: Why I missed the Hoya’s game

Georgetown was gridlocked yesterday.

A troubled dude was threatening to jump from the Key Bridge, so police shut down the bridge, M Street and many of the area’s side streets.

Virtually impossible to get out of G-town heading to the Verizon Center … or any place else.


Couple of thoughts:

(1)  it’s no laughing matter … feel sorry for the guy … kudos to the DC police for talking him through the crisis … wish the guy well.

(2)  First time in my 15 years around DC that I can remember an incident like that on the Key Bridge …  hope it doesn’t spawn a raft of copycats … or give bad guys any ideas

(3)  Probably should thank the guy for keeping me from  the Georgetown-Pitt game … what a disaster that was

(4)  On TV, announcers said “Last time these 2 teams will play as members of the Big East” … man, has that conference ever imploded.

Again, wish the guy well … hope he gets the help he needs.

Thanks to SMH for feeding the pic

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