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Fail: Getting reimbursed for Covid in-home test kits…

May 2, 2022

But President Biden promised…

Flashback to January when Covid was running rampant.

Belatedly (as usual), President Biden announced a 2-pronged “bold” program to get “free” Covid testing kits into the homes of all Americans.

Prong #1: Distribute 500 million testing kits via the USPS.

Prong #2: Require all insurance companies to reimburse for kits purchased at retail.


We previously posted about #1 — the “free” test kits that Joe was going to send right to my mailbox.

For the gory details, see:

Here comes the USPS … with 500 million free test kits

Hey Joe, Where are my test kits?

Joe says my free test kits are in the mail…

In a nutshell…

At the time time of Joe’s announcement (mid- January), nasty cold & flu symptoms were hitting my family. We wanted to test for Covid but didn’t want to stand in a line with other potentially contagious people.

On the first possible day (Jan.18), I ordered our gov’t supplied test kits … promised delivery in 7 to 10 days.

They finally arrived in mid-February, long after our family symptoms had passed …and as the Covid rampage was starting to wane.



Being a belt & suspenders kinda guy,  I backstopped Joe’s mail program with prong #2 and bought some test kits at Costco … expecting, since Joe promised, that I’d be reimbursed by one of my 3 health insurers (Medicare, Blue Cross & Shield, UHC – Rx).

The good news: the Costco supplied test kits arrived in the mail a day or 2 later.

The rest of the program (the reimbursement part) was, as I largely expected, a complete train wreck.

Let me explain…


Georgetown: A bunch of pretty faces (and much more) …

October 9, 2015

No, it’s not your imagination if, when strolling around the Georgetown campus, you find yourself saying to yourself:

“Holy smokes, there are a lot of good looking  students walking around this place.”

It’s certifiably true: – a trendy college selection site – scores Georgetown an A+ for “Most Attractive – Girls & Guys”




But, good looks are just part of the story.

Niche gives Georgetown an overall A+.

Here’s the drill down on the factor scores that underlie Georgetown’s well-deserved overall A+ ….


Georgetown ranked #1 in …

October 13, 2014

LinkedIn data mines its rolls, scores the career progress of members in several disciplines, and then ranks schools based on the members’ career progress scores.

In the current ranking, Georgetown’s undergraduate program was ranked #3 in Finance and #1 in Investment Banking.

Take that, Wharton.



click to see the Top 25



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One-and done: It’s simple statistics … the outlier effect.

March 27, 2013

Oh, really?

Tom Boswell – Washington Post sportswriter wrote an obligatory “what’s up?” column yesterday.

Most of it was pretty soft, in effect, insinuating that very lower seeds have a tourney advantage because they have nothing to lose … so, they can play at full throttle.


And, Boswell says that “exceptional coach JT3” may need to tweak his system a bit, but not too much.

Not exactly what I’d call hard hitting.

But, Boswell did raise a couple of interesting points:

John Thompson III, may have to reevaluate, tweak and adapt the teachings of his Princeton coach and mentor Pete Carril so that Georgetown teams in the future can play up to their ability in the NCAA tournament.

A methodical pace, offensive efficiency and, especially, limiting the number of possessions in a game — all smart Ivy League tricks that Carril conceived to help his team beat more talented foes — may not carry over to the sudden-death March format that’s decimated the Hoyas five times in six years.

At Princeton, Carril conceived a brilliant system that gave him the maximum chance to beat better teams outside the Ivy League and also to defeat teams of roughly equal ability within the league

Carril’s system … has functioned exceptionally well for Thompson at Georgetown in the regular season against Big East teams of roughly equal ability, when the Hoyas’ efficiency, discipline and defense have been decisive.

But there may be a weakness in the Carril method, as adapted by Thompson.

The fewer possessions in a basketball game, the more vulnerable the better team becomes to weaker teams because they have shortened the game.

By reducing the data sample, you introduce more outlier results.

I buy this part of Bowell’s argument: the NCAAs aren’t the Ivy League and a slow-motion offense is problematic against reasonably talented, and lightning fast teams .

As I posted earlier this week, it’s why the Moneyball Oakland As won in the regular season but usually got bounced early from the play-offs.

It’s simple statistics.

But, the problem is more than a few “outliers” …

= = = = =
Like father like son … not

Another point that Boswell raised caught my eye:

Ironically, John Thompson Jr. had just the opposite philosophy to his son’s — end-to-end pressure defense …  plus constantly pushing for a faster tempo.

The best Hoyas teams of that era thrived in a chaos that they had created.

John Thompson Jr. believed in the fast break, the spontaneous explosion of talent.


Sounds like the FCGU coach.

And, sounds much more compelling than the outliers’ argument.

= = = = =

Will Georgetown fire JT3 ?


Timing is everything: An email from Gtown’s AD

March 26, 2013

On Monday, there was an email blast from Lee Reed, Georgetown’s Athletic Director.

I thought it might be a mea culpa for the basketball team’s one-and-done in the NCAA tourney.


Maybe another pep talk re: how awesome the CYO League (oops, I meant Big East) is going to be.



Lee had his fund-raising hat on and was trying to stir up buying  interest for Gtown sports memorabilia.


Sports memorabilia … you know like #33 or #55 jerseys … Final Four t-shirts from 2007.

Lee, you mighta sat on this one for a couple of days.

You know, let the dust settle.

Or, haven’t you heard the news?

* * * * *
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Better to be smart or hot?

March 21, 2013

Georgetown students don’t face the dilemma.

They’re both smart & hot.

Business Insider reports that Georgetown is #4 on the College Prowler ranking of schools that are both hot and smart.


* * * * *
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Gridlock: Why I missed the Hoya’s game

January 9, 2013

Georgetown was gridlocked yesterday.

A troubled dude was threatening to jump from the Key Bridge, so police shut down the bridge, M Street and many of the area’s side streets.

Virtually impossible to get out of G-town heading to the Verizon Center … or any place else.


Couple of thoughts:


Big East wobbling as Pitt & Syracuse head for the ACC …

September 19, 2011

Punch line: Georgetown’s Big East Conference may be losing its 4th and 5th teams to the ACC … whacking the Big E’s stature and money-making capacity.

Georgetown is caught in a pickle since it’s a ‘major’ in basketball but not in football.

Excerpted from WSJ

The Atlantic Coast Conference has received application letters from Pittsburgh and Syracuse to join the league.

If the move goes forward, Pittsburgh and Syracuse would become the fourth and fifth schools to leave the Big East for the ACC in the past decade. Virginia Tech and Miami joined in 2004, and Boston College followed a year later as the ACC’s 12th member.

Syracuse is a founding member of the Big East, and Pittsburgh joined the league in 1982.

The Big East’s situation is tricky because of seven non-football members such as Georgetown and Villanova that help make it one of the nation’s strongest basketball conferences.

The basketball schools and football schools often have different agendas.

Losing Pitt and Syracuse would be a huge blow to Big East basketball as well as football.

The other football-playing members of the Big East are Rutgers, Connecticut, Louisville, South Florida, Cincinnati and West Virginia.

There already has been speculation that West Virginia would be a target for the SEC

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Georgetown ups rank to #10 …

March 7, 2011

Among undergrad business schools, that is … according to Business Week, up a whopping 13 places to #10.


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