Better to be smart or hot?

Georgetown students don’t face the dilemma.

They’re both smart & hot.

Business Insider reports that Georgetown is #4 on the College Prowler ranking of schools that are both hot and smart.


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3 Responses to “Better to be smart or hot?”

  1. Elyse Says:

    Maybe the moral of the story is that people like people who look most like themselves, so the more homogeneous your university, the more attractive others appear to you.

  2. Erin Says:

    Was hotness rated internally or externally? I always thought our MBA class was pretty good-looking, but maybe that’s just a bias …

  3. Sequel: Better to be smart or hot? | The Homa Files Says:

    […] we posted that Georgetown ranks #4 for having the “smartest & hottest” […]

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