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Ouch: 2016 MBA Rankings

November 16, 2016

MSB down 8 slots to #34


Here are the top 10 … and MSB … with ranking details.




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Business Week: 2015 MBA Rankings … new process, new results.

November 3, 2015

Bloomberg (Business Week) changed the way it compiles its MBA rankings “with a sharper focus on what people most hope to get after business school.”


Specifically, BW beefed up its emphasis on alumni feedback to calibrate how they’re doing,  what they’re earning and how happy they’re feeling.

And, BW says “Older elements of our ranking, including a tally of faculty research, have been scrapped because they don’t get at our fundamental question: How well does this business school channel its graduates into good jobs?”

Here is the revised list of metrics for scoring MBA programs.

  • Employer Survey (35 percent of total score):  recruiter feedback on the skills they look for in MBAs, and which programs best equip their students with those skills
  • Alumni Survey (30 percent):  feedback from the classes of 2007, 2008, and 2009 on how their MBAs have affected their careers, their compensation change over time, and their midcareer job satisfaction
  • Student Survey (15 percent):  the class of 2015’s take on academics, career services, campus climate, and more
  • Job Placement Rate (10 percent):  the most recent data on how many MBAs seeking full-time jobs get them within three months of graduation
  • Starting Salary (10 percent):  most recent data on how much MBAs make in their first jobs after graduation, adjusted for industry and regional variation


Here are the 2015 rankings …


Georgetown: A bunch of pretty faces (and much more) …

October 9, 2015

No, it’s not your imagination if, when strolling around the Georgetown campus, you find yourself saying to yourself:

“Holy smokes, there are a lot of good looking  students walking around this place.”

It’s certifiably true: – a trendy college selection site – scores Georgetown an A+ for “Most Attractive – Girls & Guys”




But, good looks are just part of the story.

Niche gives Georgetown an overall A+.

Here’s the drill down on the factor scores that underlie Georgetown’s well-deserved overall A+ ….


Georgetown ranked #1 in …

October 13, 2014

LinkedIn data mines its rolls, scores the career progress of members in several disciplines, and then ranks schools based on the members’ career progress scores.

In the current ranking, Georgetown’s undergraduate program was ranked #3 in Finance and #1 in Investment Banking.

Take that, Wharton.



click to see the Top 25



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MBA: You get what you pay for (at least at MSB) …

July 29, 2013

Couple of weeks ago, we posted that Business Insider ranked the MSB MBA program #14.

In a follow-up, Business Insider ranked the “most expensive” MBA program.

Most expensive: NYU Stern,




MSB’s ranking …


Hot: MSB MBA ranked #14

July 17, 2013

It may not have the tradition and cachet of the the Business Week or US News rankings, but …

Business insider has ranked Georgetown’s McDonough School of Business MBA program #14 in the world.


click to see the complete Business Insider rankings

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Better to be smart or hot?

March 21, 2013

Georgetown students don’t face the dilemma.

They’re both smart & hot.

Business Insider reports that Georgetown is #4 on the College Prowler ranking of schools that are both hot and smart.


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MSB back in Business Week’s Top 30 …

November 18, 2012

This year’s BusinessWeek MBA rankings are out.

Here are the punch lines  …

= = = = =

Usual suspects in the top 10



= = = = =

Good news: MSB bounced back into the top 30
… moved from #33 in 2010 to #30 in 2012

Big improvement in student survey scores …

Big deal since below 30 often slotted “all other”



= = = = =

Offset: Regional competitor Maryland bounced from #42 to #24


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Business Insider: “Programs such as Georgetown’s School of Business are the best type of programs."

November 16, 2012

MSB gets a well deserved shout out from Business Insider

Punch line:

” …  programs such as Georgetown’s School of Business are the best type of programs.”



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