It’s official: I’m retired !

After more than 20 years teaching at Georgetown,  the word “emeritus” has been added to my title … I’ve learned that emeritus means “honored retiree”.

Whew!  I had always thought that it was something much more ominous.

I don’t golf (yet) … and after my stints in consulting, I’ve had all of the travel that I need.

So why retire?

Five main reasons:



My motivation: I want to spend as much time as I can with my 5 awesome grandkids.

Frosting on the retirement cake:  more time with my 1 awesome wife Kathy, 2 awesome sons, 2 awesome daughters-in-law, and our 1 occasionally awesome dog Daisy.

Not to worry.

I plan to keep blogging on HomaFiles … to keep me reading, thinking and writing … and, to stay connected with loyal HomaFIles readers.

For now, my email stays the same: or the shorter

Pass the word and stay in touch


8 Responses to “It’s official: I’m retired !”

  1. Paul Curtin Says:

    Congratulations Prof (emeritus) Homa!!! Enjoy the time with your family!

  2. John Milnes Baker Says:

    I hope you don’t retire from THE HOMA FILES!

  3. Jackie Wilbur Says:

    Congratulations Ken! A huge loss to the future students @Georgetown. You made a difference to many. Keep well my friend!

  4. Masha Says:

    Congratulations on your retirement! Enjoy your beautiful family, Professor!

  5. Kent Aderholt Says:


    Congrats. I have really enjoyed you thoughts and ideas

    Kent Aderholt

  6. Sohaj Singh Says:

    Congrats on your retirement Prof. Homa. Wish you the best.

  7. Ivan Says:

    Thank you again for your amazing classes – I am sure MSB will miss you! Enjoy the time with the family and please keep posting!

  8. Jason Dalal Says:

    Thank for everything, Professor. The classes I took with you at Georgetown were truly some of the most insightful and innovative. I use lessons learned there everyday at work.

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