Pundits have it wrong …

Trey Gowdy isn’t turning on President Trump … he’s doing him a favor.

First, a disclosure: I’m a big Trey Gowdy fan.

Since I’m a fan of Forensic Files, I oft see reruns of him putting bad guys away.

These days he seems to know the law and be able to cut to the chase.

To that point, the National Review has proclaimed him to be “the voice of responsibility and reason.”


Let’s start with Gowdy’s frequently looped remarks on CBS This Morning …


In the interview, Gowdy makes 2 main points:

First, he says that Trump is understandably upset that Sessions didn’t tell him pre-appointment that he (Sessions) would recuse himself from the Russia investigation.

Gowdy says: “That are a lot of smart lawyers who would have jumped at the opportunity to become the nation’s top law enforcement officer… and, wouldn’t have had a conflict”.

So, Twitter-shaming Sessions isn’t polite, but it is understandable.


The bigger point is that “based on what I’ve seen”: Trump wasn’t the target of the investigation … Trump had told Comey to find out if any of his “satellites” had colluded with Russia … so the FBI plants weren’t spies … “they were just doing what President Trump and my fellow citizens would want them to do”.

Note: Gowdy is getting some flack because he didn’t actually “see” anything … he was orally briefed by the current FBI Director Wray.

The groundswell from the left: “See, no spying”.

The reaction from the right: “How could Gowdy sell out Trump on Spygate?”


Here’s what I think is going on on …

Based on what Gowdy has “seen” and heard, he may be concluding that the Russian Collusion case is dead

Not to worry.

And, he may be concluding that the obstruction case – while weak – is still on the table.

OK put the pieces together.

Professor Sleuth wasn’t spying if the FBI was simply complying with Trumps instructions to check on his “satellites”.

If that’s true, it’s a strong counter-punch to any allegations that Trump was obstructing justice.

If it’s not true, then the FBI was spying on a political campaign,


Damned if you do; damned if you don’t.

Let’s see when the pundits catch on.

Click to view the full Gowdy interview

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One Response to “Pundits have it wrong …”

  1. John Milnes Baker Says:

    I’ve been wary of Gowdy for a long time – I think he likes the sound of his own voice but I don’t recall any consequential results. As for Wray? So far I have yet to be convinced that he is not part of the swamp. I think he was a poor choice – not quite as bad as Sessions, but we’ll see how it plays out.

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