FBI lovers: A gift that keeps giving …

What’s more important: character or performance?

One of the news cycle items over the weekend was an article in The Hill by John Solomon:


The foundation of the article was a fact-based timeline of the Russia-Russia investigation that largely debunks the story the DOJ-FBI have been peddling.

Even I am getting pretty bored by that stuff.

But, buried in the article were a couple incidental text messages between Peter Strzok and Lisa Page – the now infamous FBI lovers (and card-carrying Trump haters)….


Referencing former President Obama, Page texted Strzok:

“So maybe (he’s) not the best national security president, but (he is) a genuinely good and decent human being,”

Strzok replied:

“Yeah, I like him. Just not a fan of the weakness globally. Was thinking about what the administration will be willing to do re Russia.”

Think about that exchange for a minute.

Strzok and Page speak to an interesting construct: character and performance.

Of course, we all want a President who is long on both character and performance.

But, can strength on one of those attributes offset deficiencies on the other.

The lovers seem to believe that Obama was long on character (despite colossal lies like “you’ll keep you plan and your premiums will go down”) … but short on performance … at least on international and security issues.

I think they’re grading him too easy on character … directionally right on performance.

Of course, from prior emails, they judge Trump to be rock-bottom low on character … and give him zero credit for performance … despite prosperity and peace breaking out all over.

I score their assessment half-right.

So, which is preferred: high character or high performance?

Let’s see, Clinton was high on performance and low on character … kinda like Trump.

But, Clinton is revered by loyalists who scoff at Trump.


I think that Bush was a solid citizen with uneven performance – strong in the aftermath of 9-11 … marginal after that.

Now, you play this game:

If you can’t have a president who is long on both character and performance … which attribute do you think is most important?

It’s a real gut-check question.


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