Jobs: Get the %$#&@ off your resume…

Punch line: We can all agree that every word of your resume should be relevant, well-stated and interesting.

Leaving a few key things off will allow recruiters to easily check off their list of qualifications and get a sense of who you are.



Here’s what to leave off …

According to Mashable’ there are  “4 Things to Leave Off Your Resume”:

One area of job searching that confounds plenty of job seekers is what to include on a resume. Since most job seekers have excessive information on their resume, … here are four things you can always leave off.

  1. An “objective.” Companies already know you’re interested in their job, so it’s unnecessary. Instead, use a “summary of qualifications” to … show them exactly how your experience can fit their needs.
  2. Unrelated awards, hobbies and interests. Unless it directly adds to your qualifications for the job or helps the employer see how you fit with their company culture, leave it off your resume.
  3. Too much formatting. Keep your resume simple, so recruiters can read it quickly and easily. You’ll be surprised at how much space poor formatting can take up on your resume, pushing it far longer than it needs to be.
  4. Lists of tasks for each job. Rather than rewriting your job description, tell recruiters how you did what you did and why it made a difference to your employer and customers.


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