Gotcha: How long is a Subway footlong?

Forget Nenghazi … here’s a scandal for you.

According to the UK Telegraph

An Australian teenager measured his Subway “foot-long” sub and find it was an inch short.


The picture-is-worth-a-thousand words is buzzing the internet.

Subway’s  corporate responses (two of them) are classics …

Company spokesmen and fan page postings tried 2 angles:

  • “Looking at the photo which shows a slightly undersized sub, this bread clearly is not baked to our standards
  • “Subway Footlong” is a registered trademark “as a descriptive name for the sub sold in Subway restaurants and not intended to be a measurement of length.”

Of course, the bruhaha has prompted deserved ridicule ,,,

  • “An inch or two can mean a big difference … if the Titanic had missed the iceberg by an inch or two it wouldn’t have sunk.”
  • “Subway must have men doing their measuring ,,,”
  • “Size matters …”

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