Weather: Make it, don’t just report it.

A CEO I worked for used to oft say “ I pay you to make the weather, not just report it.”

I thought it was a clever line … and use it in class … to raise the old expectation’s bar.

Well, apparently former Mexican President, Felipe Calderon and his buddies at Davos heard the same admonition.


According to sources, the Davos leaders are calling for an unprecedented investment of $14 trillion to green the global economy, to stop climate change and to preempt hurricanes.

Here’s more …

The Davos folks were inspired by a report presented by Accenture concluding that the spending is required to  keep a lid on global warming, , and preempt weather-related events like Hurricane Sandy.

Say, what?

The uber-spending would go towards everything from power generation, transport, and buildings to industry, forestry, water and agriculture.

And, it’s not all.

In addition to the need for the $14 trillion of extra spending, $5 trillion-a-year has been earmarked worldwide to divert traditional, fossil-fuel to greener alternatives.

The Accenture report acknowledges that an $14 trillion is a lot of extra cash, but says that the money could be raised … through the right measures to support private investment.

You just can’t make this stuff up …

Accenture loaded a gun and gave it to a nitwit.

Calderon couldn’t control drug cartels

Now, he’s going to stop hurricanes?

Gimme a break.

Thanks to SMH for feeding the lead.

* * * * *
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