Outta Here: Tina Turner bolts for Switzerland.

Last week it was Phil Mickelson … the pro golfer said he was considering relocation options to mitigate high tax rates.

Phil – a white, conservative, male – got blasted by the liberal press for his apparent unwillingness to be patriotic and pay his fair share.

Yesterday, the story got more interesting.

Rock icon Tina Turner announced that she’s renouncing her U.S. citizenship to become a Swiss-miss.

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As you may know – or can see above – Tina is not a white, conservative, male.

So the press coverage has been, shall we say, “gentle”.

To that point …

Most reports have followed ABC’s lead and chalked the move up to her longstanding love of the Swiss countryside.

No mention of the tax differential between the U.S. and Switzerland.


Of course, FoxNews cut to the chase, headlining: “What Gerard Depardieu is to France, Tina Turner may be to the United States.”

Depardieu recently announced he was renouncing his French citizenship because of the country’s high taxes, and he was offered Russian citizenship by President Vladimir Putin.

Oh my.

As the mayor of Nutbush, Tennessee – Tina’s U.S. “home” – said: “I think anytime a person, whether they’re world-renowned or the most meek and mild, makes the decision to change their citizenship we need to step back and think what causes that decision.”

Could this be a Tina Turner tax dodge?

After all, she coulda just lived out the rest of her life living in the Swiss hills as an American ex-pat, right?

It’ll be interesting to see if the mainstream press pummels her like they did Mickelson.

I’m betting the under on that one.

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Best Tina Video

Here’s my pick … Tina & Mick at Live Aid in 1985.

If nothing else, watch the first 30 seconds to see Mick give the worst introduction in the history of introductions (“Where’s Tina?) … and watch Tina strut out to the stage

click to view

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6 Responses to “Outta Here: Tina Turner bolts for Switzerland.”

  1. Kate DCamp Says:

    Tina has lived in Switzerland for years and years. Also, she will still be taxed on US source income. Phil on the other hand lives and works in the US and his posturing on taxes is just talk, unless he can get the PGA tour to leave the US with him. The Press is not curious enough to look beyond words though. In this case, Phil is threatening and saying it’s because of taxes. Tina is not saying “taxes made me do it.”

  2. TK Says:

    Tina’s memories of Jim Crow era Nutbush, TN may not be as warm as the Mayor’s.

  3. Bad_Brad Says:

    Kate – I bet Tina has a CPA or team of CPA’s intelligent enough to get her record label royalties and other sundry income sold to a Luxembourg based holding company such that she does not owe US taxes.

    • Kate DCamp Says:

      I’m a tax attorney. She does not get off scot free for U.S. source income even by using a corporate shell. The corporation would be doing business in the US if she performs here. In addition, income from recordings that she made here will not be turned into non U.S. source income.

  4. John Carpenter Says:

    I couldn’t care less about her tax situation. But she is a performer. Renoucing US citizenship is like saying I don’t want to be in the club with you. Not the type of thing you want to tell an adoring public. Well…so long. You will not have to worry about paying taxes on my future purchases.

    I did enjoy the comments by Kate and Brad, thanks.

  5. DavidM Says:

    I wonder if they are claiming their state pensions at the same time. No reason they should not, as they have been paying the compulsory contributions for many years. I think Depardieu can also claim, now that the French have lowered the age at which some people can claim the state pension to 60. My guess would also be that they all have state health insurance cover too.

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