Careers: Another reason to get an MBA.

Based on BLS reporting, Business and Finance jobs are among the least deadliest professions … except for paper cuts and missed deadline coronaries, there’s not much risk of work-related deaths.

At the other end of the spectrum, “The Deadliest Catch” is on target …  fishermen really do have the greatest risk of dying on-the-job.

According to PlanetMoney

In 2011, fishermen died on-the-job at a rate of 121 per 100,000 fishermen … mostly drowning after boats capsized.

Logging was 2nd … mostly falls from trees and chainsaw accidents.

The pilots who dies were mostly small plane pilots … e.g. crop-dusters and bush-pilots.


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Bar bet: Note that firemen death rate for firemen is below the national average … you can win some money on that one.

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If you’re curious, here’s the BLS’s complete list

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