Lights out: Beyonce emerges as a “person of interest”

When the lights went out during the SuperBowl, I flashed back to the 1989 World Series pitting the Oakland As with the San Francisco Giants.


Remember game 3?

Just moments before the game was scheduled to start, a major earthquake shook Candlestick Park.

The stadium suffered only minor damage, but elsewhere the area suffered billions of dollars of damage, and dozens of people were killed.

Commissioner of Baseball Fay Vincent immediately postponed Game 3, and delayed announcing when, where, and even if the Series would be resumed.

Finally, after consulting with public officials, Vincent scheduled Game 3 at Candlestick Park on October 27, 10 days after the earthquake.


Now, that was an untimely disaster.

The SuperDome’s power outage occurred after two electrifying performances: One by Beyonce;  one by Jacoby Jones.

Jacoby electrified the place by opening the 2nd half with a 108 yard kick-off return for a TD.

Man, can that dude fly.

Nobody’s blaming Jacoby.

But, it seems that Beyonce has emerged as a person-of-interest.

Let’s start with the USA Today headline: “Beyonce did not cause Superdome’s Super Bowl blackout”

Beyonce’s high-powered halftime show did not cause the 33-minute power outage …  NFL and Superdome officials said.

Doug Thornton, the Superdome’s manager, said Beyonce’s show was run strictly on “generated power” and the stadium’s main power was “metered down” during the show because the house lights were turned off.


First reaction: “thou protesth too much” … and, got me wondering.

Even I know that electrical systems tend to fail most often when they’re turned on … that causes a big draw on the elctrical system … think, starting a car in cold weather.

So, indirectly, maybe it was Beyonce’s fault … meter down, meter up, pop, lights out.

Then, I hear that WFAN’s Boomer Esiason  — a former University of Maryland and NFL quarterback – report:

Beyonce blew the electric in the Superdome twice during her rehearsals during the week.

That’s good enough for me.  Case closed.

Of course, the NFL says that Beyonce’s halftime show had nothing to do with the outage.

We report, you decide.

* * * * *
Other Explanations We’ve Heard:

  • Beyonce’ hair dryer  blew a fuse
  • The lip sync machine short-circuited
  • In fact, Jacoby Jones generated an overload of energy

What’s your explanation.

* * * * *
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One Response to “Lights out: Beyonce emerges as a “person of interest””

  1. Chris Says:

    It was W’s fault.

    The Superdome never lost power during a Super Bowl prior to Katrina. The Bush Administration’s faulure to respond to the storm has effected New Orleans in ways that we may not understand for years.

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