Reinventing the world’s most efficient distribution system …

In the old days, I didn’t know that the Girl Scouts mission was building “courage, confidence, and character”.

I thought that they were just a highly efficient cookie distribution outfit … good marketing, highly effective sales force, and low cost delivery system.

Well, the Girl Scouts aren’t resting on the laurels.



Girl Scouts of the USA has revamped its business approach, taking innovative measures to broaden customer access and overall appeal.

These girls will stop at nothing to make their sale.

2013 marks a milestone for the Girl Scouts, with a century of building “courage, confidence, and character” in young girls across the United States and beyond.

The organization also celebrates 95 years of one of its most popular programs: the sale of its famously irresistible cookies.

The Girl Scouts redesigned their boxes to appeal to a more modern customer, highlighting the five key principles that the cookie sales program teaches: goal-setting, decision-making, money management, business ethics and people skills.

Marketing and promotion strategies have also been overhauled.

While tradition has it that Girl Scouts go door-to-door taking orders in their community and later hand-deliver the goods, tech trends have now made it possible for customers to seek out their sweet treat suppliers.

The Girl Scout Cookie Finder App, available on iPhone and Android devices, provides GPS coordinates for the nearest cookie sales location.

Additionally, in step with recent food world trends, troops created the National Girl Scout Cookie Day Truck.
That’s right – the Girl Scouts now accept plastic. Friday marked the introduction of the new sales method.

On average, Girl Scout troops participating in the program raise over $790 million a year and GSUSA doesn’t have plans to slow down anytime soon. Neither do the girls, themselves.

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Excerpted from’s, “Need your Girl Scount cookie fix? There’s an app, truck, and plastic for that.”

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