Bang for the buck … err, make that $1.6 million bucks.

$1.6 million  … that’s what advertisers shelled out to be on the Oscars.

Wasf it worth it?

Here’s the AdAge recap of what some major marketers did with their time during the broadcast.

  • Chobani was a first-time Oscar advertiser with “Real is Original.” Hard to believe this was once a small Greek company.

Who else did AdAge highlight?

  • Grey Poupon revisited the classic ads it once aired.  Great throwback. 
Grey Poupon
  • Coca-Cola aired one of its ads that addresses obesity to to the big show, a strategy that has elicited mixed opinion. Nice try, but most aren’t buying it.
  • Coldwell Banker follows its Grammys buy with an Oscars ad, part of a big push by real-estate advertisers as the housing market shows signs of coming back.
  • JC Penney used the show to kick off an ambitious ad campaign called “Yours Truly” with an anthem, “Dear Dreamers.” It was done by an agency called The Bureau, which used to work with Apple and is now exclusively working for JC Penney. Interesting, and very un-JP Penney.

SideNote: Unrelated (I think), but JCP reported a Q4 earnings drop of more than $500 million.  Ouch

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