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Bang for the buck … err, make that $1.6 million bucks.

March 1, 2013

$1.6 million  … that’s what advertisers shelled out to be on the Oscars.

Wasf it worth it?

Here’s the AdAge recap of what some major marketers did with their time during the broadcast.

  • Chobani was a first-time Oscar advertiser with “Real is Original.” Hard to believe this was once a small Greek company.

Who else did AdAge highlight?


Name game: Just call me Oscar …

February 27, 2013

The Academy Awards show hit a ratings high of 55 million in 1998, the year of Titanic, but have been on a decline ever since.

To attract younger viewers and to reverse the trend,  the Academy made two bold moves.


OK, what was different this year?