Let ’em eat cake: Michelle O says “rock on” …

Let me get this straight …

The Sequester is causing unprecedented Fed fiscal heartburn.

So bad, the public tours of the White House have been cancelled … saving a reported $75,000 weekly.

No place else to look for scratch.

Not to worry, though, the party lights will still be shining bright at the White House.


Here’s what’s going down …


The Huffington Post reports that both Adele & Beyonce — two of music’s biggest acts — have been booked for the First Lady’s star-studded 50th birthday bash.

In tight times, you have to set priorities, right?

I guess “party” comes before “people” … in the dictionary and on the White house priority list.

Geez, you would have thought that they would have at least economized back to either Adele or Beyonce .. not both

You can’t make this stuff up.

^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^
P.S.  Maybe you can make this stuff up.

The source for this broadly reported story is the UK Mail which says that its story was based on  “an unnamed (and potentially questionable) source”.

Who cares, it makes for a fun story … and a great headline

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One Response to “Let ’em eat cake: Michelle O says “rock on” …”

  1. John Carpenter Says:

    I doubt the US Gov’t is paying for all of this party. It is a fund raiser.

    But Even Better…from the NY Times.
    “The celebration at the Obama home will be considerably less cozy than the e-mailed invitations suggest. The event is not a social gathering; it is one of four fund-raisers that Mr. Obama will race through that day in Chicago. Despite a gracious invitation that the first lady e-mailed to supporters, she is not planning to attend, a campaign official said.”

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