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What do Homer Simpson and a guy in the U.S. Parole Commission have in common?

May 12, 2014

I rarely watched the Simpsons and the only episode I remember involved the Springfield Power Plant – where Homer worked – being taken over by a German company who did a productivity analysis.




Sure enough when judgment day came …

Horst – the plant’s new general manager – gathered all employees in the courtyard to announce the cut-backs that where being implemented:

Horst: Attention workers, we have completed our evaluation of the plant.

We regret to announce the following lay-offs, which I will read in alphabetical order:


Horst: Simpson, Homer.


Horst: That is all.


Now what has that got to do with the U.S. Parole Commission?


What Sequester? … The $100 million vacation.

June 18, 2013

The Washington Post reports that the First Family’s junket to Africa may cost taxpayers as much as $100 million.

And, that’s after scratching the safari from the itinerary.




I’m old school, so I still think that $100 million is a lot of money.

To put the amount in perspective, here’s what else $100 million could buy …


Debunk: Air traffic controllers, sequestration and delays …

April 24, 2013

Flight delays at major airports because of Sequestration.

Say, what?

Here’s a smoking gun chart right from an official FAA report.

According to the FAA, the number of controlled flights (i.e. “systemwide traffic”) has dropped  23% since 2000.

During that same period, the number of air traffic controllers has remained essentially constant.

Said differently, each controller is handling 23% fewer flights than in 2000 … when, to the best of my recollection, the skies were pretty darn safe.

Note that since 2005, the number of flights has gone down 14% and the number of controllers had increased 7.5%.

FAA: A Plan for the Future – 10-Year Strategy for the Air Traffic Control Workforce 2012 – 2021

Here are some verbatims from the FAA report and an out-of-box idea …


Let ’em eat cake: Michelle O says “rock on” …

March 11, 2013

Let me get this straight …

The Sequester is causing unprecedented Fed fiscal heartburn.

So bad, the public tours of the White House have been cancelled … saving a reported $75,000 weekly.

No place else to look for scratch.

Not to worry, though, the party lights will still be shining bright at the White House.


Here’s what’s going down …