What do Homer Simpson and a guy in the U.S. Parole Commission have in common?

I rarely watched the Simpsons and the only episode I remember involved the Springfield Power Plant – where Homer worked – being taken over by a German company who did a productivity analysis.




Sure enough when judgment day came …

Horst – the plant’s new general manager – gathered all employees in the courtyard to announce the cut-backs that where being implemented:

Horst: Attention workers, we have completed our evaluation of the plant.

We regret to announce the following lay-offs, which I will read in alphabetical order:


Horst: Simpson, Homer.


Horst: That is all.


Now what has that got to do with the U.S. Parole Commission?


Remember the Sequester?

Massive budget cut cuts that would not just pare fat from the Federal government … cuts that would cut into the muscle (and maybe even the bone) to render most of the well-oiled government mechanisms inoperable.

Well, the GAO has just finished a recap of the Sequester’s enduring impact on Federal government staffing levels.

The results

Only one Federal government agency — the Department of Justice – implemented a “reduction in force” … government-speak for permanent lay-offs.




Here’s the kicker:

“DOJ officials reported that one DOJ component — the U.S. Parole Commission — implemented a reduction in force of one employee to achieve partial savings required by sequestration in fiscal year 2013.”Source

My hypothesis: When Homer was cut at the power plant, he must have landed at the Department of Justice in the Parole Commission.

Otherwise, you gotta feel sorry for the dolt who got a pink slip.

Imagine being the only government employee considered to be expendable.



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3 Responses to “What do Homer Simpson and a guy in the U.S. Parole Commission have in common?”

  1. Elaine Hammers Says:

    The sequester may not have had an enduring impact on government agencies (no surprise – the fox watching the hen house) but the 2% sequester reduction is still applied to all Medicare physician payments (which are already lower than commercial insurance payments) and no government agency is talking about that.

  2. TTK Says:


    • TTK Says:

      Lot’s of public jobs were leaving the economy – on the City, State and Federal level. Looking only for permanent cuts driven directly by the sequester may not be the best way to read the numbers.

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