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MH370: Remember my favorite conspiracy theories?

May 18, 2015

At least one of them —  which I tagged “hack & Done” — probably doesn’t sound as far-fetched today as they did a year ago. (The original post is reprised below)


Because sources have reported that:

Hacker controls plane

Here’s the scoop …


MH370: My favorite conspiracy theories ….

March 31, 2014

Below is an interesting infographic from Engineering and Technology Magazine listing the array of likely causes:

  • Catastrophic structural failure
  • Bad weather
  • Engine failure
  • Hijack
  • Terror attack
  • Pilot suicide




Guess what?

The list doesn’t include either of my 2 favorites ….


Debunk: Air traffic controllers, sequestration and delays …

April 24, 2013

Flight delays at major airports because of Sequestration.

Say, what?

Here’s a smoking gun chart right from an official FAA report.

According to the FAA, the number of controlled flights (i.e. “systemwide traffic”) has dropped  23% since 2000.

During that same period, the number of air traffic controllers has remained essentially constant.

Said differently, each controller is handling 23% fewer flights than in 2000 … when, to the best of my recollection, the skies were pretty darn safe.

Note that since 2005, the number of flights has gone down 14% and the number of controllers had increased 7.5%.

FAA: A Plan for the Future – 10-Year Strategy for the Air Traffic Control Workforce 2012 – 2021

Here are some verbatims from the FAA report and an out-of-box idea …