Uh-O: That ever fleeting mandate …

According to the latest RealClearPolitics poll=of-polls

President Obama’s 48.2% approval rating  is still 1.9 percentage points above his disapproval rating (46.3%).

But, the 48.2% is less than a majority … and down 4.6 percentage points from Obama’s post-election high.


Time to redouble the charm offensive …

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One Response to “Uh-O: That ever fleeting mandate …”

  1. Frank Says:

    It is just his post-election bounce fading, right? Not reflective of his core popularity…. which probably oscillates in the mid to upper-40s depending on methodology.

    I think, more than any President I can think of, President Obama is a finished product. I can’t think of any major consistency he can gain or lose. I mean, you’re the marketing professor…. in the intro, growth, maturity, decline cycle- the President defines maturity, right?

    He is the very definition of “a 52-48 President in a 52-48 country.”

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