News Flash: Sex doesn’t sell any more … say what?

T-Mobile has ditched Carly Foulkes – the pink clad hottie that’s been the star of their ads for the past couple of years.

You’re probably wondering: why the heck would T-Mobile do that?



Blame it on the market research geeks …

According to E-Poll Market Research, the company that keeps track of how celebrities rank with the public, Ms. Foulkes has above average “appeal”

She scores a 47 in appeal vs. a benchmark average of 38.

My hunch: her score among guys beteen 6 and 86 is even higher than that.

Digging a little deeper  on Ms. Foulkes “appeal”, she scores high on important attributes — attractive, sexy, beautiful, etc.


OK, so what’s the rub?

It seems that after 3 years and $500 million of T-Mobile advertising, only 16% of folks are aware of her.

That compares to an E-Poll “corporate characters” benchmark of 26%.

Apparently, she just wasn’t able to break thru the clutter.

I guess that sex doesn’t sell anymore.

Yeah, right.

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One Response to “News Flash: Sex doesn’t sell any more … say what?”

  1. John Carpenter Says:

    Just talking about T-Mobile ads featuring Ms. Foulkes I agree. She has not done much for the brand…lately. The difference came when she stopped talking and they covered her up in leather and…get this for sex appeal..a helmet. Her cute self in a short dress talking, even when talking about T-Mobile used a lot more of her natural talents than the motorcycle stuff. Sex still sells…bad ads still don’t.

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