Nums: Did Clinton really end welfare as we know it?

Surprised me, but the answer is yes.

But, there’s more to the story.

Clinton’s (and Gingrich’s) initiative to pare the welfare rolls cut the number of people on welfare from about 5 million to under 2 million.

Surprising to me, the number has held pretty constant for the past 15 years or so.


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As I said, there’s more to the story …

In a great analysis, NPR points out that there is a coincidental matching rise is the number of folks put on the disability rolls.



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NPR insinuates the logical conclusion that disability has become the “new welfare”.

What’s going on?

For openers, welfare is primarily state-funded programs … disability is part of the Social Security net – a Federally funded program.

So, some believe that states may “counseling” unemployed folks to opt for disability instead of welfare.

And, while only about 1 in 3 disability applications are approved … the number of applications has soared.

Bingo. States simply shift a burden to the Feds … i.e. Federal tax payers.

Clinton may have ended welfare as we know it … but that’s different than making it go away.

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