Uh-oh: Consumer mavens dissing Kraft’s dayglow mac & cheese …

Talk about a timely news item.

In class Tuesday, we were talking about food taste & quality.

My teaching point: when the food buyer isn’t the food eater, the buyer may be less sensitive to taste & quality.

My example: millions of mothers serve their little kiddies  mac & cheese that glows in the dark.

A veiled reference to Kraft’s legendary mac & cheese … and, that odd color of orange that happens when those mysterious dry ingredients are stirred into the pasta.

Well, apparently the neon dish also caught the eye of a couple food crusaders who have embarked on a campaign against two of the dyes that Kraft uses to create its trademark color.


Here’s their rip and Kraft’s response …

According to Business Insider

The crusaders point out that the artificial dyes — Yellow Dye 5 and Yellow Dye 6 — require a warning label in some other countries.

“These are potentially harmful dyes.”

The risks cited include hyperactivity in kids, allergies, and a possible link to cancer.


But despite all the heat in the kitchen, Kraft is defending its yellow gold.

Kraft says: “We carefully follow the laws and regulations in the countries where our products are sold. So in the U.S., we only use colors that are approved and deemed safe for food use by the Food and Drug Administration.”

The dyes in question are approved by the FDA and have never been definitively shown to be linked to cancer or be harmful to kids.

Why is the iconic orange color so important to Kraft?

Well, because its an iconic orange color … a de facto brand mark.

“Kraft Macaroni & Cheese has been the same bright yellow color for ages, and it’s what consumers have come to expect. The color is part of the overall brand experience.”


Wonder if these folks have taken a peek at Doritos lately …

Thanks to OL for feeding the lead

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