Nums: Scandals important, but O’s rating is up … say, what?

The term “Teflon president” is being re-calibrated.

Here’s a head-scratcher:

Despite the Benghazi, IRS and AP scandals, CNN reports that Obama’s job approval ratings have bumped up.


That’s despite the parallel findings that respondents think the 3 scandals are important, that they are indeed scandals, and that they think that the GOP-led Congress is handling the matter correctly.

Here are some details …


85% of the respondents thought that the IRS matter is either “very” or “somewhat” important.


= = = = =

71% of the respondents said that they considered the IRS actions to be unacceptable … somewhat scary, 1 in 4 thought that the IRS targeting political group is just fine.


= = = = =

When asked; “Do you think the Republicans in Congress are overreacting to this matter or are they reacting appropriately?” … a majority (54%) say that the GOP Congress is “reacting appropriately”


= = = = =

When asked “What is your overall opinion of the Internal Revenue Service, also known as the IRS ?”

More than 1/3 of the respondents had a “very unfavorable” view of the IRS

…  that’s almost double the level 10 years ago

… throw in the “somewhat unfavorabless” and the number jumps to 2 in 3.


= = = = =

When asked: “How much confidence do you have in the people who run our government ?” … 56% said “only a little” or “none at all”.


= = = = =

The results for Benghazi and AP were comparable.

Still, when asked: “Do you approve of the job President Obama is doing ?” … 53% approve.

I want some of what they’re drinking …

* * * * *
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2 Responses to “Nums: Scandals important, but O’s rating is up … say, what?”

  1. jg Says:

    Has the word “accountability” completely disappeared in the past few weeks? Imagine if a CEO pleaded ignorance to countless corporate scandals within various depts under his watch.

    • Carlos Says:

      CEOs do plead ignorance or blame miss conduct on “rouge” employees. However, the standard of conduct for public officials is higher. You expect the private sector to find ways around laws and push limits.

      This scandal can potentially kill the rest of Obama’s presidency, but the Republicans still have an image problem.

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