Nums: Honesty doesn’t matter …

According to the latest NBC/WSJ Survey …

49% of the people surveyed approved of the job that Obama is doing as President.

But, only 23% think that he’s very honest.




Drilling down …

Obama’s ‘top box’ honesty score has slipped 18 pp since his first days in office … from 41% to 23%.

In January 2009, his net ‘very’ score – very good minus very poor – was plus 33.

Now, his net ‘very’ score is underwater by 7 pp … 23% to 30%.

There’s still more …

When asked how much involvement Obama has had in the scandals, only 14% to 24 % said that he had no involvement at all …  flipping the numbers, roughly 75% to 85% said that Obama had some involvement in each of the scandals.



Perceptions of Obama’s scandal involvement sync to the honesty scores.

But, they don’t sync to his job approval numbers.


Guess honesty doesn’t matter …

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One Response to “Nums: Honesty doesn’t matter …”

  1. Daniel Says:

    It will be interesting to see as a benchmark how it compares with other presidents in their 2nd term.

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