Uh-oh: Scandals are (finally) taking a toll on Obama’s ratings.

President Obama’s approval rating has remained remarkably resilient in the face of the stream of scandals.

There has been a gradually downward trend in Gallup’s numbers.

The latest Gallup survey shows a sharp uptick in disapproval … likely a result of the phone-internet bruhaha.

For the first time since his reelection, Gallup  reports Obama to be under water by a couple of points.



Here are some more numbers …

Real Clear Politics Poll-of-Polls is consistent with the Gallup results … but caught the underwater inflection a bit earlier


= = = = =

The most recent FoxNews poll reveals an interesting micro-point:

Not surprising, Obama continues to earn high approval ratings from Dems (82%) and from non-whites (75%).




Think about that for a second ….

The numbers indicate that Obama’s approval rating is higher among white Dems than among non-white Dems.

That’s a head-scratcher …

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