KFC burying the Colonel’s bones … say, what?

“You won’t find the colonel on the marquee or signage,” says KFC President John Cywinski, “but you’ll find more abstract references to our heritage.”

Say, what?


First KFC ditches the bones.

Now, it buries Colonel Sander’s bones …. and his goateed trademark pic.

Here’s the story.

According to USA Today …

KFC — the fried chicken kingpin, eager to tap into a younger, more upscale customer, is about to test a Millennial-friendly store next month — serving the likes of fresh salads, rice bowls smoothies and flatbread sandwiches — near its headquarters in Louisville that it has dubbed “KFC eleven.”

The name is a reference to the 11 herbs and spices that Sanders used in the famous Original Recipe chicken.

The traditional image of a goateed Colonel Sanders will be nowhere to be seen

For KFC, it’s about growth — if not survival.

The chain has seen more health-conscious consumers slowly disappear to fast-casual concepts such as Panera Bread and Chipotle, which offer what’s perceived to be better-for-you food offerings that typically cost a buck or two more.

“We’re asking ourselves: How do we become more relevant to a younger consumer?”

“If we crack the code on a more contemporary expression of the brand, we could apply that systemwide.”


Best line in the article:

“ KFC recently rolled out a boneless platform of fried chicken in a nod to a generation who don’t like to hold bones in their hands.”

“ … a generation who don’t like to hold bones in their hands.”

Am I reading that right?


Thanks to SMH for feeding the lead

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One Response to “KFC burying the Colonel’s bones … say, what?”

  1. Charlie Skuba Says:

    It’s always a very tough call about when to move away from successful established brand equity towards strategic future requirements. Yum and KFC had already diminished the Colonel’s Kentucky background and the iconic character had already begun to be less ethnically definable. Visit a KFC or Pizza Hut and China and you can see the future direction of quick service restaurants – more upscale, healthier, more socially responsible, and less nationally definable.

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