Hacked: “Criminals huddled over computers all over the world.”

This is going to be “hacked” week”

Computer hacker

First, the national story …

According to Reuters

Federal prosecutors have charged five men responsible for the biggest cyber fraud case in U.S. history.

Companies targeted by the hackers include a VISA licensee, J.C. Penney, JetBlue, 7-Eleven and French retailer.

Prosecutors estimate that the group of five men from Russia and Ukraine helped steal at least 160 million payment card numbers, resulting in losses in excess of $300 million.

The men hid their efforts by disabling anti-virus software of their victims and storing data on multiple hacking platforms.

They sold payment card numbers to resellers, who then sold them on online forums or to “cashers” who encode the numbers onto blank plastic cards.

“This case involves dozens or maybe hundreds of people huddled over computer terminals all over the world in a common purpose of stealing of disseminating credit card numbers.”

If you’re like me – or, should I say, the way i was — this story probably induced a yawn … if you noticed it at all.

I’m taking this stuff a lot more seriously these days.

Tomorrow I’ll tell you why.
* * * * *

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