“The buck stops with the President” … oh, really?

Remember Harry Truman’s desk sign that read “The Buck Stops Here”?

Well, it sprang to mind when I read a Washington Post article title: “U.S. Facing Test on Data to Back Action on Syria.




What’s that got to do with Harry Truman?

Here’s what caught my eye …


According to the Washington Post:

American officials said Wednesday there was no “smoking gun” that directly links President Bashar al-Assad to the attack, and they tried to lower expectations about the public intelligence presentation.

They said it will not contain specific electronic intercepts of communications between Syrian commanders or detailed reporting from spies and sources on the ground.

But even without hard evidence tying Mr. Assad to the attack, administration officials asserted, the Syrian leader bears ultimate responsibility for the actions of his troops and should be held accountable.

“The commander in chief of any military is ultimately responsible for decisions made under their leadership,” said the State Department’s deputy spokeswoman, Marie Harf — even if, she added, “He’s not the one who pushes the button or says ‘go’ on this.”

If I were President Assad, I’d issue a statement that the use of chemical weapons was perpetrated by 2 rogue agents in Cincinnati (err, Damascus) …. and I’d vow to conduct a thorough internal investigation and hold accountable those people found guilty.

Then, in a couple of weeks, I’d report out that mistakes were made … but that no people were identified as having made the mistakes.

Then, in a few more weeks, I’d have my Secretary of State shriek; “What difference does it make?”

Then, in a few more weeks, I’d have my press secretary declare the situation to be “old news”.

Get my drift?

Ironic that the Administration thinks that bucks only stop with other presidents …

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One Response to ““The buck stops with the President” … oh, really?”

  1. Will Thierbach Says:

    I think I finally agree with something Ken Homa says… ;-)

    I’ve always held fast in my belief that liberals (not my label, mind you) are the most open-minded, progressive and inclusive thinkers in our country…as long as you agree with their opinions.

    I count myself among open-minded and progressive thinkers, but I don’t define myself as either liberal or conservative…I believe those labels are designed to facilitate fundraising for a two-party political system that is as critically flawed.

    I actively avoid the flotsam routinely spewed by both parties, but I do enjoy well-reasoned and unbiased arguments that remind me of the power of free speech…for all opinions…such as in the following editorial, in the same thrust as Professor Homa’s comments:


    Will Thierbach (MSB 00′)

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