Nums: Gov’t Motors slips in consumer satisfaction …

Yesterday, we posted some recent ASCI Customer Satisfaction survey results.

Headline was that overall customer satisfaction numbers have been steadily increasing.

Minor surprise was that autos sorted relatively high on the list.



But, there’s more to the story.


Disaggregating the overall numbers … U.S. brands rate lower than European and Asian brands … and the spread widened in the past year.




GM has steadily declined since 2009 …  though it’s tied with Ford which dropped after a 2012 surge … and, Chrysler continues to fall below both Ford & GM




By brand, only Cadillac and GMC are above the industry average … Chrysler and Chevrolet grabs the bottom slots



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Side note:

We’re just back from a long car trip down the Atlantic coast …

I remarked along the way how many American brands I was seeing … especially Chevrolets.

Hmmm ….

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One Response to “Nums: Gov’t Motors slips in consumer satisfaction …”

  1. John Carpenter Says:

    A former stats teacher of mine always told me one way to cheat on graphs is to only show a few values on the scale, rather then the entire graph. The graph in this post only shows 15% of the scale, which makes the difference appear more dramatic then they really are. Highest value here is 88 and lowest is 79…9 percentage points. Most values are very close together. Could it be that the values really show that current consumer satisfaction is pretty much the same no matter what you buy? Knowing what I know about automobile technology I suspect that mechanically, for the cost, cars are quite similar. I also wonder if satisfaction considers the buying and service experience. These were major considerations for me when I was surveyed on my last new car purchase. That survey occurred 30 days after I got my car also, not 1 or 2 years down the line when it should have been done.
    …not that you are cheating of course.

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