“Don’t tell me that words don’t matter”

Flashback to February 2008 …

To counter Hillary’s snark that he was all words and no substance – Candidate Obama gave a moving speech re: how much words matter.

The punch line:

“I’m running for president of the United States of America … because the American people want to believe in change again. Don’t tell me
words don’t matter!”   Transcript


So, why would I bring that up today?

All day yesterday, Administration’s surrogates were trying to spin Obama’s repeated guarantee that “If you like your current healthcare insurance, you can keep it … Period.”.

Spin it in light of massive policy cancellations specifically linked to ObamaCare legal requirements.

Surrogates were saying silly stuff like: “Taken out of context” and “What he said isn’t what he meant”.

So, do words matter … or don’t they?

Even the Obama-friendly Washington Post are giving 4 Pinocchios to “Like it, keep it”

I’m confused …

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3 Responses to ““Don’t tell me that words don’t matter””

  1. Alex S Says:

    Aren’t you stating the obvious? Talk is cheap. Don’t you remember “MISSION ACCOMPLISHED” on May 1, 2003?


  2. TK Says:

    If your insurance covers nothing and shifts future costs to the rest of us it should not be maintained. If the coverage has changed significantly since the ‘grandfather’ date it should not be maintained. Let’s stop plating dumb and echoing the shallow headlines and talk about WHY these policies are being dropped. Depressing and sad that the level of analysis is so weak.

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