Uh-oh: Sharp drop in O’s approval ratings …

The government shutdown was jolting to Congressional (and GOP) already low ratings.

Pundits were projecting a big positive bump for the President.

That was an eternity ago.

You know, a couple of weeks.

Then the spotlight turned to the ObamaCare fiascos … the web site mess and the loss of Obama-guaranteed health insurance policies.

Worm turned.

Latest NBC-WSJ poll reports an all-time low Presidential approval rating of 42% … down 5 percentage points from earlier in the month … and. down 10 percentage points from January.




What’s driving the drop?


First, views on ObamaCare are shifting.


A plurality think ObamaCare is a bad idea … 47% to 37%.

The bad idea – good idea gap has widened to 10 points.

The strongly bad idea – good idea gap has gone from even (38 – 38) to 6 points (43 – 37).


My hypothesis: Folks who are benefiting from ObamaCare have known it for awhile … folks who are forced to pay the piper (think, policy cancellations) are just realizing that they’re getting hosed.

It’ll be interesting to see how the numbers shift when young folks really start to understand the implications of the individual mandate.


But, Obama’s buoyed by his popularity, right?

Not so much any more.

Obama is 8 points underwater on very positive versus very negative … 24 to 32 … in the early days, he was plus 37 … 47 to 10.

The 24 very positive is down a whopping 23 points from his initial inauguration … the very negative is up 22 points over the same period.

So, the net swing has been an eye-popping 45 points.

As Tommy Boy would say … “That’s HUGE.”



My overall theory of the case:

1. The health care stuff hits people personally, so they can’t shrug it off like Benghazi or Tea Party targeting.

2. Mainstream media has been forced to cover the ObamaCare mess … they couldn’t sweep it under the rug like the other “false scandals”.  In fact, I think the mass media is starting to have some fun finding cracks in the armor.

This will be interesting to watch.

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2 Responses to “Uh-oh: Sharp drop in O’s approval ratings …”

  1. John Milnes Baker Says:

    It’s a mystery to me why Obama’s rating isn’t even lower. Oh, I forgot – he;s a messiah – the head of a cult. Remember what John Maynard Keynes said in reply to a critic: “When the fact’s change, I change my mind. What do you do, sir?” Let’s hope that more “Sirs” wake up to what’s happening in Washington.
    John Milnes Baker

  2. Andrew L. Says:

    Tough sell. In a different context, we would call a poll drop in pursuit of the best policy “leadership” and “courage.” We’d tell the guy to hang tough and that history would bear them out.

    Center-to-right is lost in this sort of frothy hysteria about how bad things are without: a) the ability to explain why it is so bad, and b) an intellectually-complete alternative. As a result, they look chronically, consistently silly.

    Also keep in mind two huge factors:
    1) The President would have to lose another 20 points to tie the GOP’s approval rating
    2) This is, you know, our country, so the good guys have to win rather than just the bad guys losing

    Cheering the other guys’ poll drop is like being happy that you lost more weight than your wife. Guess what, you still lose.

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