Uh-oh: Below the Mendoza line …

According to the Gallup Daily tracking poll, the President’s approval rating has dropped below 40%.



Here’s the demographic drill down …


Note that Hispanic approval has dipped below 50% and that fewer than 1 in 3 Independents approve of the job the President is doing


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One Response to “Uh-oh: Below the Mendoza line …”

  1. Andrew L. Says:

    In the business context, this would be like us saying, “Yay! Customers like our competitor’s crappy product now only twice as much as they like our crappy product. Jelly of the month club for everyone!” If you want to be a governing party, you need to have meaningful, rational solutions for:
    – Employment
    – Healthcare
    – Immigration
    – Long-term solvency
    – Educational competitiveness

    (1-the other guy) isn’t a policy position, it is an intellectual couch. There are like 50 million Americans just hoping that the President achieves nothing for the next three years. How is “them doing nothing” somehow better than “us doing something” as a value proposition.

    Seriously though, we should talk about abortion and “the gays” more, and stake the future of the party on the critical role carried forward interest plays in the vibrance of the economy.

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