Vet: “ Prices up because of ObamaCare” … say,what?

Loyal readers know that  I’m no fan of ObamaCare.

That said, here’s a field report that even I find laughably far-fetched.




My wife went shopping at Costco and decided to price check our dogs’ meds.

Here’s what she discovered …


One of the prescriptions was $22.50 at the dogs’ veterinarian, $10 at Costco.

Another was $69.99 at Costco (ouch) … and $130 at the vet (double ouch).

My wife stopped at the vet’s office on the way home to ask “What’s up with this?”

The immediate answer: “It’s because of ObamaCare … it’s pushing the cost of all drugs up.”

As much as I’d like to run with that, I just have to smile.

One of 2 things are going on … either ObamaCare is now becoming the 2013 version “Bush’s fault” … or, ObamaCare is even starting to jack up costs & prices for pets’ healthcare.

My money is on the former, but If the latter is true, the Administration will face a monumental backlash … a veritable tsunami.

Hacking off old folks is one thing.

Hacking off pet owners is another!


P.S. Yes, I realize that the answer doesn’t address the price differential between Costco and the vet … it’s common knowledge that vets use the sale of drugs, toys, books, etc. as “profit improvement opportunities”.

No problem with that unless you’re trading under the watchful eye of my wife.


Thanks to KAH for the field work and for feeding the lead.

* * * * *
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