Ken in Adweek re: “Generational Marketing”

No, that’s not me in the picture … at least  not the top one.

I was interviewed by Adweek … asked to comment on 2 ads for Craftsman tools … one ad from the 1970s, another from current day.




A clip from the current ad is above … below is a snap from the old ad.



Among my classic Homa-isms nailed in the article were…


“That guy is my auto mechanic, or my neighbor who fixes his own washing machine. Nobody needed to explain to him why he needed a 74-piece tool set — he knew why!”

“All the old ad had to convey was: ‘You know you need this. Here’s a special deal. Now get your butt down to the store and buy it while it’s on sale.’”

“The current day ad … puts a fantasy layer on it …  if you use Craftsman instead of Stanley [tools], you’ll be the coolest dude in the neighborhood.”

“He’s the guy that every man wants to see in the mirror each morning”.

“Is this ad likely to get you off the couch and down to the store to buy a tool?  The answer is no.”


Hey, students — past & present: Any of those quotes sound familiar?

The writer did a good job on the ad comparison … and in capturing my “in character” ad reactions.

Here’s a link to to the full article.

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