A guide to ObamaCare …

Seriously, here’s the link to a Senate prepared graphic of the ObamaCare organization structure and processes … and a summary listing of the bill’s key provisions.




Take a quick glance at the flowchart and ask yourself: ”Think this will work?”

The bill’s laundry list special interest provisions caught my eye …



Here are some of the “sweeteners” added to secure votes or PR-support …


§ 2006 $300 million for the Louisiana Medicaid program.
§ 3137 Special higher Medicare payments for Michigan and Connecticut.
§ 3201 Special treatment for Florida Medicare Advantage Plans.
§ 10201 Extra Medicaid DSH funds for Hawaii hospitals.
§ 10201 $1.1 billion for the Vermont and Massachusetts Medicaid programs.
§ 10323 Special Medicare eligibility for coal miners in Libby, Montana.
§ 10324 Higher Medicare reimbursements for “frontier states” (e.g., MT, ND).
§ 10502 $100 million for the Univ. of Connecticut Health Center.
§ 1203 $100 million for Tennessee hospitals.

Unions & companies

§ 1102 $5 billion for labor union health plans.
§ 9001 Special tax exemption for Longshoreman health plans.
§ 3301 Billions for brand-name drug companies under the Part D drug program.
§ 9023 $1 billion for New Jersey based pharmaceutical companies.

§ 1201 Exemption for AARP from ban on preexisting condition exclusions.
§ 9010 Special tax exemption for BCBS of Michigan, BCBS of Nebraska, & AARP.
§ 9010 Special exemption for AARP, Mutual of Omaha, etc., medigap plans.
§ 9014 Exemption for AARP from $500k cap on insurance executives’ compensation.
§ 1103 Exemption for AARP from health insurer overhead spending cap.


The stuff to the states and unions has been reasonably well publicized.

I wondered why the AARP was supporting the bill since about half of the faux-estimated ObamaCare spending is funded by cuts to Medicare.

Well, I have my answer … right down to the exemption from caps on exec compensation.

Gimme a break ….

Thanks to JC for feeding the lead.

* * * * *
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