Rebranding ObamaCare …

After a couple of years of his saying that he liked the name ObamaCare … since he’s Obama and he cares …  the President has indicated that he thinks that ObamaCare ––  which is now being lumped with brands like Edsel and New Coke – needs to be rebranded and remarketed.

As a recovering marketer who is always willing to lend a hand, here’s my re-branding nomination:

ObamACA tm

Pronounced “Obama – ka.”

A clever twist, right?


P.S. Note the trademark TM  above my nominated brand name … I’m hereby establishing what the IP attorneys call a “first use” to claim the rights to the name.

Maybe I can make some dough off this mess … to help defray my new, higher health insurance premiums.

* * * * *
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One Response to “Rebranding ObamaCare …”

  1. Cilantro13 Says:

    Funny Ken (one more ‘ka’ might have been more accurate.) As an IP attorney, I should tell you that branding is a trademark issue, not a copyright issue. But I think you meant that as the first use doctrine is likewise a trademark doctrine.

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