Air fares: Public weighs in …

According to a survey reported by  NBC News  …

Survey says: 4 in 10 Americans  wouldn’t mind being publicly weighed at the airport.


The results suggest that a once-unthinkable concept of differential fares based on size could become a fact of life for fliers.

Here are some verbatims:

YouGov:  “We’re finding that more people don’t seem to mind the concept.”

One advocate: “A lot of people don’t even weigh themselves once a year … It could be a good reality check for people and good for the health of the American public.”

Random traveler: “If you pay money for a seat, you expect to have use of all of it.”

More than half (63%) believe passengers should be required to buy a second seat if they cannot fit into a single seat with the arm rest lowered.

A spokesperson for the National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance (NAAFA) asks “Are airlines going to reconfigure their planes so you have small, medium and large seats for passengers of different weights? Anything less would be discriminatory.”

Ken’s Take: An interesting conversation, but this pricing idea will certainly die of its own weight …

Thanks to EY for feeding the lead

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P.S. Before you reply “genetics” …

I’ve got bad eye genes.  Is the eye doc discrininating when he makes me buy glasses?

If you say don’t buy them, I say “don’t fly”

All of us got dealt some bad cards.

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