The “Dirty Jobs” guy nails it …

Following up on our salute to garbage men last week …

Mike Rowe is the host of “Dirty Jobs” … a series on the Discovery Channel that reports on jobs that many (most?) people wouldn’t touch.

He’s not an economist, but he certainly has a perspective on jobs.

His: view: “employers are desperate for people willing to learn a “useful skill” and work hard.

But, many unskilled unemployeds shun jobs that are “Beneath them” … even if the jobs pay the rent and are stepping stones to better jobs.

It’s a great country that liberates them from jobs they might not like, right?

Video clip is worth watching …

click to view 90 second video


Back to the garbage men: a reader forwarded an interesting link

Triumph of the trashmen: Landing a gig on D.C. truck is hard to do and they stay on the job a long time

Nutshell: Though wages are modest (~$35,000) and the job is dirty, job security is high, benefits are good … including (for gov’t trash guys) a short work day.

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