Banned substance: Red ink is,well, threatening …

I once worked for a CEO who wouldn’t stand for lemon in his water or red ink.

That is, both the red ink on a financial statement and red ink on a document.

Apparently, he was onto something with the latter.


In the UK, hundreds of schools have banned their teachers from marking in red ink.

Here’s why …

Marking in red ink banned in case it upsets schoolchildren who consider it “confrontational” and “threatening”.

Alledgedly, red ink can damage students psychologically.

Pupils are more more soothed by shades like green, blue, pink and yellow or even in pencil.

According to the Telegraph, traditionalists have condemned the ban sweeping classrooms as “absolutely barmy”, “politically correct” and “trendy”.

They insist that red ink makes it easier for children to spot errors and improve.

If the students don’t like the color red, they should stop making mistakes!

It’s as simple as that.

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