Re: MH370 … as Hillary would say “What difference does it make?”

We’re going into our 3rd week of of wall-to-wall news coverage of the the disappearance of the Malaysian 777.

Yesterday, I saw a “news alert” announcing that the cabin radio transcripts revealed nothing … English translation: no news to report.

And, I got a peak of a Chinese satellite photo of a “possible object” floating around  in the Indian Ocean.


Question: Any idea how much garbage is floating around in the oceans?

Answer: Tons.

I understand that news outlets are keeping the real-time stream of newsless news up because there’s a market for it — their audiences are eating it up

Except for the passengers friends and families, I don’t get it.

Here’s what has me most perplexed ….

Why are 26 countries continuing to participate in the search efforts?

More specifically, why has the U.S. deployed aircraft carriers, state-of-the-art recognizance airplanes, the FBI, NTSB … and spent more than $4 million on the continuing search? 

For what?

Reasons I hear are (1) rescue survivors  (2) end the nightmare – get closure for the families. (3) solve the mystery — terrorism, whacky pilot, or malfunction?

The first — rescue survivors — is pretty easy to dismiss after 2 weeks with a search now centered in the Indian Ocean, a couple of thousand miles off the Australian shore.  I guess that if they find the plane at the bottom of an ocean, then there’s no reason to search landing strips in terrorist-supporting countries for hostages.  But, sure looks like that scenario has been ruled out already.

The second reason — closure — is emotionally dicey’

I deeply sympathize with the grieving families & friends.

But, let’s face it … their loved ones are gone … pray for their souls.  Knowing that a loved one is 2 miles deep in an ocean doesn’t provide much solace.  It just extinguishes any hope.

Personal note: my brother was killed in a plane crash so I really can relate to the families.

Which gets us down to solving the mystery.

To what end?

Maybe, to find a correctable design flaw so flying will become even safer … or find a malfunction so that Boeing can be sued  — though that’ll happen anyway … or, be able to pin the loss on terrorists.

Then what?

With Benghazi as a guide, the bad guys won’t be brought to justice anyway.

3 Americans are presumed dead on MH370.

4 were known killed in Benghazi.

For them, Hilary simply shrieked “What difference does it make?”

So, why bother on this one?


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One Response to “Re: MH370 … as Hillary would say “What difference does it make?””

  1. John Carpenter Says:

    OK…I was with you right up to the connection with Hillary. You have stumbled into the same mindset as the screaming media. Making a connection to MH370 that has no reality except stoking sensationalist speculation. Let’s blame Hillary and Obama for the black hole conspiracy also. CNN can assist with that.

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