What’s the most prevalent undergrad major these days?

The WaPo published some education statistics extracted from the National Center for Education Statistics.

Note: The source –  ”Digest of Education Statistics” – is a veritable treasure trove of education statistics

One dissected data series was the distribution of undergrad degrees granted.

I was a bit surprised to see that roughly 1 in 5 undergraduate degrees granted are in business.

Note: The gray lines are at the 10% and 20%

Here are a few other points that caught my eye …


  • Social studies & history are down … probably reflecting diminished interest in post-grad law degrees
  • Health-related degrees are up … but are still under 1 in 10
  • Psyche degrees are up and rank #4 … say, what?
  • Education degrees are down big … used to be over 1 in 5, now are approaching 1 in 20.
  • Engineering is down to below 1 in 20 … so much for STEM!
  • Computer science is about 1 in 40… barely edging out Parks & Recreation.

I expected to see IT and computer degrees sky-rocketing since that’s a hot, well=paying discipline.

That’s not the case ….

In fact, IT & CS degrees have fallen as a proportion of the total since the early 2000s.

Go figure….


At least the nation is building up a reserve of psychologists ….


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