Liar, liar: Now, this is astonishing ….

During 2013, the left-leaning Washington Post slapped President Obama with a slew of Pinnochios.

The year ended with – a branch of the left-leaning Tampa Bay Times — giving President Obama their “Lie of the Year” award for his infamous oft-repeated “Like your plan, keep you plan …Like your doctor, keep you doctor”. Source

So, it shouldn’t surprise anybody that, in a recent poll, 61% of the people polled said that President Obama lied on important issues some or most of the time

Only 15 % said that he never lied.


The drill-down number get more interesting …



  • Among Independents, 63% said Obama lies some or most of the time, only 8% said that he never lied on important issues
  • Among men, 64% said Obama lies some or most of the time, only 11% said that he never lied on important issues
  • Among women, 60% said Obama lies some or most of the time, only 19% said that he never lied on important issues
  • Among whites, 66% said Obama lies some or most of the time, only 11% said that he never lied on important issues
  • Among blacks, the results were more balanced: 38% said Obama lies some or most of the time, 37% said that he never lied on important issues

What I find striking is:

(1)  almost 2/3’s of the country think their President lies some or most of the time on important issues …. and that over 1/3 thinks he does so most of the time.

(2) Even 1/3 of blacks – Obama’s strongest supporters, with 85% approving of his job performance – think that he lies most or some of the time …. with about 1/3 thinking that he always talks straight on important issues.

Now, that’s what you call a credibility issue …

Disclosure:  Yes, the poll was conducted by FoxNews … but don’t dismiss the results too quickly … keep the Pinocchios and the Lie of the Year in mind.


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6 Responses to “Liar, liar: Now, this is astonishing ….”

  1. John Carpenter Says:

    I do not think this is exclusive to President Obama. I cannot think of even one politician of any stipe that I would not include in at least the “lies some of the time” category. And that is not a new development. I became jaded around the Vietnam era and have remained so. In fact, it now seems the ability to lie with a straight face is a requirement for the job. Jimmy Carter seemed to have the hardest time lying and his term of office was pretty troubled.

  2. Los Says:

    There are lies and lies. While I deplore moral equivalency arguments, at least Obamas lies did not result in a pointless war that killed 100,000 civilians and well over a trillion dollars wasted. Prof. Homa obsession with Obama is tiresome. But then again I can’t anything worse for the future of America than having a functional healthcare system.

    • Andrew L. Says:

      /facepalm. You know that George Bush hasn’t been President since January 2009, right? And that part of the promise that swept Barack Obama into office was being more open, honest, and transparent. At some point, when you are in charge, you have to take ownership. Is that on the 1000 day calendar anywhere?

      Anyhoo. Presumably, you were in Third grade at some point. You were on the playground and somebody wronged you. So you wronged them right back. Then, hopefully, you learned what every third grader should, “The other guy did it” is no excuse for ill behavior.

      If your beliefs are center-left, you should be outraged by the lies. It means that you couldn’t win the argument on evidence. It destroys the legitimacy of the whole program. It provides its own cause to revisit. It is the Lance Armstrong/Barry Bonds effect – you will always have the asterisk.

      As for functional healthcare system, well, that remains to be seen now doesn’t it?

      • Los Says:

        Please re-read my post, edit your post and save yourself further embarrassment.

      • Andrew L. Says:

        A- for anger, C for effort, clear F for making sense. Can we do spelling and grammar checks after this? It is my favorite part of internet discourse.

        Anyways, if you have a counterpoint, please make it. Snarky comebacks aren’t as clever as a smart, counter argument well made.

      • Los Says:

        Not interested in debating against someone with a 3rd grade reading comprehension level. I started the post by saying that moral equivalency arguments are odious. The greater point is about lies – nothing to do with “it’s Bush’s fault” – most politicians lie. I could have just as easily mentioned other lies such as “I did not have sexual relations” or “read my lips.” In other words, you completely missed the point of my reply and decided to argue against your own straw man.

        As a pragmatist-realist, I’m quite aware that a political promise should be taken with a grain of salt.

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