What’s the value of an American life?

Don’t worry, I’m not going deeply philosophical on you …  I’m just going to pose a simple wager.

Last week, one the Administration’s talking points was “not to worry, the 5 Taliban leaders being released won’t be allowed back in Afghanistan for a year … and by then practically all troops will be out of the country … so the odds of Americans being killed are relatively low.”

Are you kidding me?


Let’s reduce this argument to a simple bet …


The bet:

How many Americans will be killed as a result of the 5-Talibans being released — that is, killed either directly (i.e. “bang you’re dead”) or indirectly (e.g. planned the operation, secured the necessary funding or armaments, rallied and dispatched the operatives).

Let’s set the over-under at ONE.

I’ll take the over.

Want to bet the under?


I didn’t think so.

So, you conclude, like Obama, that Bergdahl’s life is worth more than 1 or more other unspecified Americans likely to be killed in the future, right?


I guess anonymity lessens a life’s worth … or, maybe there’s some weird present value calculation that devalues a life’s worth.

Think about it …


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