The Taliban-5, Benghazi … and my friend’s daughter.

Last week, one the Administration’s talking points was “not to worry, the 5 Taliban leaders being released won’t be allowed back in Afghanistan for a year … and by then practically all troops will be out of the country … so the odds of Americans being killed are relatively low.”

Are you kidding me?

In a prior post, I posed a simple over-under bet: Do you think that the number of Americans who will be killed — either directly or indirectly – by the Taliban-5 will be under 1 or over 1?

I’m taking the over and haven’t gotten many takers for the under.




Today, let’s connect a couple of dots and personalize the situation…



First, a simple truth: the bad guys kill more than soldiers … they also kill tourists, aid workers and members of the diplomatic corps..

Anybody remember Benghazi?

Our consulate outpost was left largely unprotected because Team O was steadfast against military boots on the ground … covert CIA and CIA-contractors were ok, but not rough-and-tough Marines.

The result: 4 dead, including the U.S. Ambassador.

Here’s where my friend’s daughter comes into the picture.

She’s in the State Department … with pending orders to report for duty at a foreign-based consulate.

Guess where?

You got it … Afghanistan.

Pause for a moment and try to imagine her parent’s understandable anxiety … trust me, their worry is palpable … I know, I’ve seen it in their eyes.

Implicitly, Obama concluded that their daughter isn’t as important as a soldier who deserted his platoon.

My friends draw a different conclusion.

Yeah, I know, we have a principle: no soldier gets left behind, regardless of circumstance … and apparently, regardless of the price to be paid in other people’s lives.

What about our nation’s long -standing principle that we protect our diplomats abroad?

That’s not as important as a political red-meat talking point: no military boots on the ground.

Do you think that the families of the 4 Benghazi fatalities agree with Hillary: “What difference does it make?”

When Hillary shrieked, I wondered if she’d feel the same way if her daughter was one of the fatalities?

I’m betting the under on that one.

Maybe if Obama sent his daughters to live in the Kabul consulate and finish high school in Afghanistan, he’d see the difference, too … and understand why so many think his politically-motivated trade was nuts.

It’s easy to make “tough” calls when they don’t impact you, your family or your close friends …


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3 Responses to “The Taliban-5, Benghazi … and my friend’s daughter.”

  1. TTK Says:

    Disgusting post. Nobody wants to take your bet because it is moronic and ghoulish.

  2. JCR Says:

    Disagree with TTK completely – post and bet are right on the money. As someone who has served in the infantry I would not risk the lives of my men for a deserter, nor would I want to send enemy combatants back into the fight if at all possible. I take from the tone of your comment you didn’t serve nor have had someone close whose life was on the line – I’d suggest you keep your opinion to yourself until you actually decide to put your or your family’s lives at risk.

  3. student Says:

    homa come on man, show some level of balance and fairness. I took your classes during dubyas reign. that guy absolutely destroyed the US. you did not criticize him once, nor do you. every article you post you bash obama. compare the two administrations, few people would ever criticize obama first. why do you?

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