Who supported going into Iraq in the first place?

Answer: A compelling, bi-partisan majority of U.S. politicians and citizens.

The question aroused my interest since it’s commonly implied that only Bush, Cheney and a handful of Neocons were on board with the invasion decision.

First, let’s look at the blowhard politicians.

The 2002 Iraq War Resolution passed the House 296 (68%) to 133 (31%) … with 81 Democrats voting for it.

In the Senate, the vote was 77 to 23 … with 29 of 50 Democrats voting for it …. Among the notable Dems voting yes: Biden, Clinton, Kerry, Hagel … Side note: Obama wasn’t in the Senate yet.

Below is a summary of the vote … click for details re: how each Senator & Congressional Rep voted.


Now the bigger question: Did Congress vote the will of the people?



You bet they did.

According to Pew polls, over 70% of U.S. citizens initially thought that invading Iraq was the right decision.

As war ran on, that number dwindled to under 40% in 2008.





Gallup’s surveys confirm the Pew findings.

Gallup says that only 23% of U.S. adults initially thought that invading Iraq was a bad idea; 75% were fine with the decision.

That number has also dwindled to around 40%



Yeah, it was Bush’s decision … and retrospectively, the decision was problematic.  It’s fair to hang it on him

But, those who are feigning “not me”  and “I told you so”these days – politicians especially — should be called on it.


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2 Responses to “Who supported going into Iraq in the first place?”

  1. John Carpenter Says:

    Holding politicians accountable for past decisions and actions? In spite of the fact that they know their constituent’s very short memories will allow them to revise history at any second? Maybe in science fiction, but not in the USA.

  2. Steve Says:

    But the question isn’t whether the will of Congress or the American people were behind going into Iraq – it’s that both were told there were WMDs in Iraq that could ultimately be used for nefarious purposes. If all the facts were known prior to going into Iraq, I don’t think the polls you’ve provided, nor the voting record in Congress, would reflect the same. Ultimately this is a question of intelligence – we’ll never know if Bush and Co. knew there were no WMDs, but certainly the Congressional Committees that dealt with intelligence in both Houses, as well as the intelligence community of the UK, were convinced the WMDs were there. This doesn’t give Bush a pass, but the assertion here that everyone was in favor of going in is wrong because those polled did so with a bias based on incorrect data.

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