He cares about me, but …

Recent Pew Poll …

Slim majority of folks agree that President Obama “cares about people like me”.

There are still believes: 51-49 on “trustworthiness”

But, less than half agree that he’s a “strong leader”  who is “able to get things done”.


Source: Pew

* * * * *

Poll didn’t ask”faithfully executes laws” or “able to raise big money for political campaigns”



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One Response to “He cares about me, but …”

  1. John Carpenter Says:

    I think it might be a good idea to put this into perspective. I wonder what the response would be for other US politicians? I doubt Obama’s gentle downslope glide in the rankings would be much different for anyone in the government. If this survey were applied to Congress, Obama is likely to rate much higher relatively. If that turns out to be true it would point to Obama’s failings not being just his own. I suspect it reflects also the toxic combination of the failings of most US leadership institutions besides the presidency including big business, Congress, and more recently, the Supreme Court.

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