Blame FoxNews … say, what?

Last week President Obama another shout-diss to FoxNews as the reason that roughly half of the country’s 300 million population think that he’s not doing such a great job.


Let’s think about that.

Qualitatively speaking, , no disputing that Fox leans right and pounce’s on the Administration’s frequent miscues.

Quantitatively speaking, the President’s concern seems unfounded.

Fox boasts – with merit – that it outdraws left-leaning CNN and MSNBC combined.

That’s true.




And, top dog O’Reilly draws almost 3.5 million viewers … more than 4 times what best competitor Rachel Maddow draws.

But, that’s only part of the story …


Fox  dwarfs cable new competitors, but …

All 3 of the major network news shows outdraw O’Reilly … by a lot!

The major network news broadcast – now, ABC’s Nightly News with David Muir – gets almost 8.5 million viewers … NBC also gets over 8 million …. and CBS gets about 6.5 million.

In combo, the big 3 networks get over 23 million viewers ,,, almost 10 times O’Reilly prime time first-run.




Bottom line:  blaming Fox for the views held by about half the country seems like a bit of a reach, doesn’t it?


Side notes:

I was a bit surprised that Al Sharpton outdraws Morning Joe by almost 2 to 1.

Though MJ leans away from my views, I think is pretty good.

Hard for me to believe than anybody listens to Reverend Al’s drivel.



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